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About Our Team At Wittenberg Bail Bonding

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How Wittenberg Bail Bonds Started

It is actually a pretty good story about us...

There was a saloon on Jackson Street in 1898 in Toledo owned by the original owners.  The man that owned this bar noticed that his patrons would drink in his bar, then leave and end up in jail.  He would go to the police station and bail them out using his own money.  One day it occurred to him "Why not do this as a profession and make money while lending it to others".  This made him a hero in his community, so he went on to build that business full time while hiring others as agents.  Within a little while he began to think that if it could work as bailing someone out of jail for being intoxicated, why not apply this to other areas of incarceration.  So he did and that too was a success in the Toledo Ohio area.  He had built an empire!

Throughout the years the Wittenberg family had made an excellent name for itself.  To this day Jack and his team are working the business after purchasing over 20 years ago.

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Young Crooks Are Tough, Veteran Bondsman Says
Prohibition Blamed By Louie Wittenberg For Present Day Ills

Story Featured In The 'Toledo Times' on September 17, 1933
By:  Duke Adamshick

Seating himself comfortably in a chair in the office of the Wittenberg, Jacobs & Berenson Bonding Co., Louie Wittenberg, retired Toledo bondsman, Friday on his 67th birthday happily related the story of his life and turned back the pages of time to tell about his active days as a bondsman 40 years ago.

"The crooks now are more crooked than they were in the past," Louie said as he started his story.  "I can't remember, he continued, when a crook's word was his bond.  But now these young kids are so crooked a bondsman is required to get security before going their bail."
Instance Related

"In my active days before my retirement five years ago all I had to do was talk to the prisoners and if they told me they would pay me I could bet my last dollar they would.  It wasn't necessary to get their signatures, jewels or anything else," Louie said.  He related several instances when he bailed famous confident men out of jail, posting as high as $5000, only to find when the trial came up the men left town rather than face the charge.

"Even though I forfeited the bond I wasn't a bit worried," Mr. Wittenberg said, "because in a few days I would receive a letter with all of the money and any fee or some part of a promise of the balance soon.  The balance most all came too."

Sky Is Limit

Louie said he was at a dog track last winter in Florida watching the races and was surprised to hear his name mentioned.  He said he turned around and behind him were three prosperous confident men whom he had bailed out of jail 18 years before.  "The sky was the limit with those fellows.  They took me all over.  Introduced one of their friends and showed me a big time in general!," Louie related.

Louie says prohibition is the cause of the more modern crimes.  It is his opinion that many of the cases are not handled properly in police court.  "Take for instance when I was a probation officer in Judge Austin's court many years ago I always recommended a first offender be given a chance," Louie said.  "Usually the judge would give a suspended sentence and 99 out of 100 times the offender would go straight."

Soon Learn To Cheat

"I've always contended," he said, "you make criminals by sending first offenders away to prison.  There they mingle with other crooks and are soon taught the game of cheating the law."  Louie said there was quite a bit of comment when Judge Austin appointed an ex-saloon keeper a probation officer but he only replied that he was the proper man for the job because he could more readily mingle with offenders rather than a person higher up in society.  Mr. Wittenberg was born in Bialystock, Poland, September 15, 1866.  He worked more than 18 hours a day in his uncle's fur store there to earn enough money to come to America.  15 years later, to obtain what he calls his "freedom."  When he landed in New York City he remained with an uncle for two months and moved to Port Chester, N.Y., where he obtained employment in a foundry.  Believing he could not make any money working for someone else he started in business for himself.

Sells Optical Supplies

He had saved $30 from the hard work in the foundry and with it bought a supply of picture frames which he peddled from house to house.  The picture frame business took him to Cincinnati where he was induced by a friend to sell optical supplies.  After joining up with an optical concern he went back to Port Chester and was married.  From there he moved to Toledo and later decided to go into the saloon business because his wife did not relish the idea of staying alone while he traveled the road.  He opened his first saloon in 1889 at Jackson and Michigan streets.  Later he moved across the street to Jackson and Canton streets.  Looking for better locations he again moved to Canton street and Woodruff avenue and then again to Southard avenue and Canton street.  During this time three sons; Meyer, Earl and David were born to Mr. and Mrs. Wittenberg.  The sons are now carrying on in the bonding business their father started.

Proud of Family

Louie has one other son too young for the bonding business and two daughters.  The younger son was born to his second wife whom he married 23 years ago.  Louie is proud of his boys and girls and especially fond of his two little grandchildren.  "Be sure and mention that I was once a pretty wealthy man but now I'm right back where I started.  The stock crash in 1929 got me too," Louie said grinning.  "I haven't any money to speculate anymore but I still can manage a little race horse bet or a game of pinochle."

Present Day Wittenberg Bail Bonds
Not Another Minute in Jail

As a member of the Ohio State Bail Bond Association, Wittenberg Associates has been catering to the bail bond needs of clients throughout Ohio, Michigan and across the entire nation since 1898. Our current owners have owned the company for over 20 years.

With an impressive wealth of knowledge and a plethora of professional experience, Wittenberg Bail Bonds of Toledo will work to ensure our clients’ needs are met with the accuracy and swiftness that they deserve. We were the first bondsman in the area to offer flexible payment plans, and are proud to say that it has worked for our clients, so we will continue this process. Our current bail bondsmen have been employed with Wittenberg Associates for over 30 years in the Lucas County area. Unlike our competitors, our experienced staff has what it takes to deliver prompt and professional service every time, regardless of the hour.

To learn more about us and our services, or to speak with a member of our team, please contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to assisting you.
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Feisal Crumby Jr.

Feisal has been a lifetime Toledo resident, a Scott High School graduate. He is married and has three children and one granddaughter. As member of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church with numerous years of coaching high school basketball, he is an active member of our community. He graduated from Owens, studying criminal justice. He is currently attending the University of Toledo to obtain his Bachelors degree.
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Jack T & Emily T & Trey T

Because Wittenberg Associates is a family owned and operated business, Jack has brought his son and daughter in!  Both Trey and Emily have grown up in the business.  They are both fulfilling their passions of helping people. Meanwhile Jack provides his experience and knowledge for them.  All members of our team are aware of the everyday challenges and are happy to help the people of our community.
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James 'Bugs' Clayborne

James "Bugs" Clayborne is also a valuable member to our team at Wittenberg Associates. He attended DeVilbiss High School in Toledo, Ohio before attending from Owens Community College for business management. He is the father of seven children. He attends Friendship Church and has resided in Columbus, Ohio for the past six years. He also owns rental houses in the Toledo area.
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