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Get Out Of Jail Fast With A Bail Bondsman

Fast Response

Regardless of guilt or innocence, nobody wants to spend any amount of time in jail. Incarceration is not only a shameful experience, it can be a dangerous one also. We were the first in our area of Ohio to offer cheap rates, with affordable payment plans with qualified signers. Wittenberg Bail Bonds of Toledo will help get you or your loved one out of jail fast.

Simplified Process

Wittenberg Associates has knowledgeable agents that know the system inside and out. We will carefully explain the steps involved and discuss any related issues you might have or encounter. Prompt, professional, and friendly service is always delivered 24-hours a day, as well as immediate approval after qualification. Don’t let your loved one spend another minute in jail.

A Lifeline

While working in the Toledo Justice system for over 120 years, Wittenberg has made a great name for itself.  We are familiar with the Judges, Lawyers, Sheriffs, and Clerks.  This is valuable when it comes to sharing information.  When working for you, we can use this as a lifeline between the system and the person charged with a crime helping get them out of jail.

Bail Bond Company | Service | Get Out of Jail | Toledo | Wittenberg | Bondsman
When you need help with bail, trust our bond agents to help get them home to you. Wittenberg Bail Bonds is committed to serving the Toledo area as well as communities across Ohio and understand the confusion and complications that can be involved with the system. Our goal is to earn your trust by explaining all your options for your unique case. We offer 24/7 customer service, so you or your loved one can get a bail bond any time.

Wittenberg Bail Bonds has been strong in the Toledo area for over 120 years. We were the first bondsman in the Toledo area to offer cheaper reduced rates with payment plans to fit any budget.  With thousands of clients that rely on our service, there has never been a complaint, now that says a lot!  We have prided ourselves on our reputation and by providing a lifeline between the system and our clients has proven itself well.
We treat every case as it were our own family member by giving them excellent service with the utmost respect and privacy.  We will discuss every aspect with the client until they understand every detail, thus making sure that there are no problems later.

We also understand that money is tight now-a-days and we will work with you to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget.  We want our customers to come back if needed, we want our customers to tell their friends and family about the reliable, excellent service they received from our firm, that is what makes our company strong.  This allows us to help more people and continue keeping our community strong.

24-7 Lifeline

We are available no matter the time!  If you find yourself needing help getting someone out of jail, simply call 419-241-9711
Easy Payment Plans

Sometimes bail is set and you are just short of having it, we will work with you to find that extra cash or create a cheap payment plan.

We offer support to those in need.  It doesn't just stop once the person is released.  We will make sure that you understand conditions.


Wittenberg Associates, having been in the business for over 120 years in the Toledo Ohio area has taught us that your family is just as important as ours.  We work as a team to get the answers to your difficult questions and to help you solve the issues.  Wittenberg Bail Bonds of Toledo has Spanish speaking agents available to help with the communication.  We also take pride in knowing that our clients are receiving the cheapest rates and financing available.  We are not attorneys and cannot give advice, however our experience can offer valuable information.

We will give you the personal attention that you want while providing complete privacy to you and your family.  No matter the charges, we do not judge anyone!

Bail Bond Company | Service | Get Out of Jail | Toledo | Wittenberg | Bondsman
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